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Interpreting the Early Modern World

Transatlantic Perspectives
Contributions To Global Historical Archaeology

von: Mary C. Beaudry, James Symonds

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Verlag: Springer
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Veröffentl.: 20.10.2010
ISBN/EAN: 9780387707594
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This volume is based on a session at a 2005 Society for Historical Archaeology meeting. The organizers assembled historical archaeologists from the UK and the US, whose work arises out of differing intellectual traditions. The authors exchange ideas about what their colleagues have written, and construct dialogues about theories and practices that inform interpretive archaeology on either side of the Atlantic, ending with commentary by two well-known names in interpretive archaeology.
Based on a session at the 2005 Society for Historical Archaeology meeting, this book discusses theories and practices that inform interpretive archaeology both sides of the Atlantic, and includes commentary by well-known names in interpretive archaeology.
Part I. Country Estates/Landscapes: An American Landscape Conversation.- The Archaeology of Estate Landscapes in Eighteenth-Century England.- Part II. Archaeology of 19th century and the Lives of Working People: Section Introduction.- Urban Historical Archaeology: A View from the Golden Gate.- Celebrating Steel City: Historical Archaeology in Sheffield, U.K.- Part III. Conflict and Memorialization: Section Introduction.- "Remembering the Raid of 1704": Writing and Exhibiting Contested Histories in Historic Deerfield.- Monuments, Memory, and Resistance in the Scottish Highlands.- Part IV. Material Culture, Embodiment, Life Course, Identity: Section Introduction.- Stitching Women’s Loves: Interpreting the Artifacts of Sewing and Needlework.- The Intimacy of Death: Expressions of Identity and Grief in Medieval and Renaissance Burial Rites.- Part V. Industrial Housing/Landscapes: Section Introduction.- "You Knew Where you Were": Practicing Class in (Post) Industrial Cheshire.- The Study of the Early Industrial Landscapes of the Swansea Region.- Part VI. Archaeological Biographies: Section Introduction.- The Large Writ Small: Landscape, Archaeography, and the Battle for Meaning.- Biographies of Long Life. Part VII. Commentary.
Although historical archaeologists often explore similar themes, the intellectual traditions in the United States and the United Kingdom lead to differing interpretations of these themes. The contributions to this innovative volume provide a bridge between a US-based archaeologist and a UK-based archaeologist on the themes of landscape studies, urban archaeology, memory and memorialization, gender studies, the lives of industrial workers, and archaeological biographies. The chapters are not meant to stand in isolation, but rather provide a dialog between both groups.

This work explores the strengths of interpretive historical archaeology in the US and the UK, as well as compare and contrast differing approaches. It aims to foster debate and productive collaborations between historical archaeologists from different geographic regions. It will of interest to UK and US-based archaeologists, as well as those performing interpretive historical archaeology in other regions who will benefit from the insights it provides.
Part of disciplinary shift towards making interpretive approaches part of mainstream archaeological practice
One of the few historical archaeological works to self-identify as "interpretive archaeology"
First step towards changing perception of historical archaeology

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