Mike Kleist, a banker, master of communication science and advertising psychology, dedicated himself intensively, even during his student years, to sexual research, in theory and practice. During his research, he hit upon the centuries-old secret knowledge of Asian cultures, and developed, in conjunction with modern scientific knowledge, a training program that enables every man to learn how to have multiple orgasms. This well-rounded free spirit is also a professional skydiver. As a camera-flyer and athlete he competed in several national and international Championships in various disciplines (Freefly, Freestyle, Skysurfing, Canopy Piloting). As a professional trainer and coach he helps clients to improve and bring more joy to their lives. Further he holds a university teaching postition at the University of Munich and teaches public speaking and presentation techniques.

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Table Of Contents

A Joke, For Starters

1. Introduction

2. The Sexual Revolution: Man and Woman

3. Sexual Myths

Myth No. 1:  Orgasm = Ejaculation

Development During Puberty

Orgasm and Ejaculation

Myth No. 2: Only Women Can Have Multiple Orgasms

Society’s Treatment of the Orgasm

Orgasm Research

Myth No. 3: “Dry” Orgasms Are Less Satisfying

Why Almost No One Knows the “Secret”

Historical Development

The Influence of Christianity

Why Almost No One Arrives at Multiple Orgasms On Their Own

Sex Sells

4. Penis & Co. – The Tools For Success

The Penis, That Unknown Creature

The „PC-Muscle“

Potency Enhancement and Penis Enlargement as a Side Effect

Erogenous Zones

The Nipples

The Anus

The Prostate

The Perineum

The Testicles


5. The Road to Mastery

The Training – Step By Step To Success

Exercise Preparation

Solo Exercises – Kata

Partner Exercises – Kumite

Safer Sex

1. The White Belt

Finding the PC-Muscle

Kata: The Dam

Kata: Catch the Worm


Kata: A Valley Wind

2. The Yellow Belt




Stop the Stream

Tips & Tricks

General Tips

Special Tricks for Practice

3. The Orange Belt

Sensual Touching

Kumite - A Breath of Air

Kata - A Voyage of Discovery

Pleasuring Yourself

4. The Green Belt

Aroused - More Aroused - Erection

The Arousal Scale

Peaks, Valleys and Plateaus

Kata: Freeclimber

Kumite: Top Roping

5. The Blue Belt

The PC-Muscle as a Brake

Kata: The Mountainbiker

Kumite: The Tandem

6. The Purple Belt

The Art of Smoothing the Path

Kata: The Surfer

Kumite: Permanent Wave

7. The Brown Belt


The Squeeze Technique

The Testicle-Tug

The Point of a Million Gold Coins

Contractions of the PC-Muscle

8. The Black Belt

Orgasm and Ejaculation

Kata: Implosion

Kumite: Fusion

1 + 1 < 2

6. The Master Level – For the Advanced

Practice Makes Perfect

Kumite: Dance Atop the Volcano

Kata: Storming the Summit

Kata: Fireworks

MO Fighting Styles

Do Without Ejaculation?

2. Dan – Energy

The Minor Energy Cycle

The Back Channel

The Front Channel

Sexual Energy

3. Dan – Control of Sexual Energy

Kata: Mountain Stream

4. Dan – Full-Body Orgasms

Kata: Whitewater Rapids

Kata: Waterfall

5. Dan - Satisfying Your Partner

The Magic Touch

Magic Talk

The Breasts

The Genitals

The Clitoris

The G-Spot


Thrust Techniques


Man on Top

Woman on Top

Man from Behind

6. Dan – Sexualization of the Spirit

7. Sexual Problems

Premature Ejaculation


Sperm Count

The Prostate

Penis Size

Penis Enlargement

Hot Dog


Penis Milking

8. Afterword




A Joke, For Starters

Adam is sitting around in Paradise and hears God sigh: “That’s tough, that’s tough…”

Adam: “What’s the deal?” The Lord God: “Well, I still have two skills to divide between you and Eve.”

Adam: “And what are they?” The Lord God: “The first is the ability to piss while standing.” Adam: “Oh, please let it be me! I’ve just got to be able to do that… that sounds fantastic… please, please, please let me be able to piss while standing!” The Lord God: “Let it be thus!”

And with that, Adam left his mark on every single tree and bush in Paradise, and gloated over his new ability…

When he finally returned to the Lord God, he wondered: “And what was the other one?

The Lord God: “Multiple orgasms!


1. Introduction

Yeah, Adam got a bit ahead of himself there. But the good news is that although “Eves” may enjoy mastery of the multiple orgasm from birth, any “Adam” can also learn this art, with a little practice and the right technique.

I could hardly believe it when I first heard of the male multiple orgasm. A friend next to me at a row of urinals asked me, as we were pissing (while standing): “Can you piss in squirts?” Taken aback, I answered: “Heck yeah… why do you ask?” He smirked and said: “Then I’ve got a little something for you that will revolutionize your sex life! With a little practice, you can have multiple orgasms. Never again will you have to hold yourself back in order to wait on your special lady. You can maintain your erection after orgasm, and come yet again. Total control!” I asked, “Can you do that?” He grinned: “Heck yeah! Let me give you a book that I accidentally got my hands on a while back.”

At first I couldn’t believe it. Sure, I had heard before that there were supposedly men who had superhuman “erectile powers,” and I’d also heard rumors of men who could come several times in a row. But from my point of view, these were “Supermen” who had been blessed at birth with a wonderful gift. I was of the opinion that multiple orgasms were a lot like penis length: either one was blessed, or one wasn’t.

In any case, I knew from personal experience that I myself lost my erection after one orgasm, and was only able to recuperate the necessary “standing ability” a considerable time later. And now I was hearing that supposedly anyone can learn not only to maintain an erection, but also to experience several orgasms. I was very skeptical, but also curious. Without a doubt, I wanted to delve more deeply into this secret.

The book my friend gave me opened my eyes! It was a whole new world for me, and I was captivated by the new possibilities that this knowledge revealed. Subsequently, I’ve been much occupied with this topic. I researched to learn as much as possible about male multiple orgasm. And I found numerous scientific treatments and research reports that supported this thesis. Unfortunately, they were often very dense, and were made difficult to read by their scientific style. I became like a sponge, sucking up all of this knowledge hOn the side, I conducted various exercises, some of which worked better than others. During this time, the sponge has become so full that I can now express its content, and summarize, in this book, the best of literature, science, and my own experience.

It was important to me that the book be easy to read, and that it be of great practical usefulness for the reader. I want to convey concentrated knowledge in a way that would be as easy to understand as possible. And so, in the present book, medical terminology, foreign words and scientifically inflated sentences are avoided. But this says nothing about the quality of the knowledge being conveyed. The content is “highly potent,” and whoever wants to can find in the list of sources books and works on this topic that treat portions of this book in a more scientific, and more complicated, manner. The main thing for me is that the reader learns what’s important, and, hopefully, has fun doing it.

Since we’re dealing with a topic that’s “below the belt,” and since we’ll be spending a fair amount of time together, I suggest that we speak to each other as friends. So, follow me now, and let me initiate you into the “secret knowledge” of the male multiple orgasm!

Advice for female readers:

I’m glad that you’re interested in this book. After all, you’re the one who will end up benefiting from your partner’s newfound abilities. This book should provide you and your partner with longer-lasting and more stimulating sex, thereby helping to increase your level of intimacy. Support your partner in his efforts. Most importantly, you can actively help your partner during the partner exercises. Have no fear – the exercises aren’t some sort of mechanical lessons to go through. They’re exercises that should be a lot of fun for you, and bring you a sense of closeness – and you’ll certainly get a great return on your investment.

A tip for you: Do all the exercises for yourself. It’ll be well worth it. You’ll get to know yourself and your body better. You’ll come to better understand your own stimulation, and that of your partner, and you’ll learn how to increase it with the help of these exercises. You too can set out on this adventure!

Advice for homosexual readers:

Although this book is written from a heterosexual point of view, the knowledge and ability, as well as all the exercises, can, of course, be completely carried over to a homosexual relationship. And in this case, the benefit is doubled, since both partners will benefit from it equally!

How to Use this Book

The book will convey knowledge in an entertaining fashion. Therefore, you will encounter a lot of metaphors in this book that will convey the material as graphically as possible, and hopefully elicit a laugh or two.

I recommend that you keep a pen or marker handy, to take notes or to mark certain sections. The text is divided into many paragraphs. This should make it easy to read, and make it simpler for you to highlight particular sections. So, the more marks and notes you make in the book, the more valuable it will become for you.

You can also prepare mind-maps for particular chapters. This visual learning method is much more efficient for most people than written text. When doing so, write down important key words on a sheet of paper and try to link them by drawing lines, according to their interrelations. In this way, you’ll get a good overview of the ways in which they are connected – a bird’seye-view, so to speak. The more you work with this technique, the easier it will become for you. (I myself successfully use mind-maps for important books, information, and solutions to problems.)

You’ll find several exercises in this book. The important thing here is to go through them in order, and not to skip any exercise. There are no shortcuts here, since the exercises have been carefully chosen, and build upon each other. Before you start on an exercise, you should read through it carefully once more – best of all, together with your partner. When doing partner exercises the two of you can clarify all open questions beforehand. At the end of each description, the most important points are summarized once again.

Sex can be very demanding. Older people should adapt the exercises to their endurance and fitness level. In the case of heart problems, the training should be discussed beforehand with a doctor.

One more tip regarding the use of this book: it makes a great gift. As a wedding present, for example, it will not only provide a good laugh right off the bat, but will also have an enduring effect on the couple’s entire future. Just think about it!

There’s a lot of new material waiting to be discovered in this book that may contradict your previous point of view. Therefore, I’d like to close the instructions for using this book with the request that you use your mind like a parachute. Because this, too, works best when it’s open.

Internet Forum

On my web site, I offer a forum where you can share your experiences, tips and tricks, exercise variations, and criticism with other readers. Access to the forum is restricted and the password is: MOforum (case sensitive)

2. The Sexual Revolution: Man and Woman

In the past thirty years, women have experienced a sexual revolution. Whereas their sexual pleasure was almost completely taboo before the 1960s, the literature of the past decades has occupied itself almost exclusively with the newly won sexual self-consciousness of women. Since that time, the female orgasm has been front and center for many sexual advisers.

As welcome as this development may be, it places men, consciously or unconsciously, under pressure. Men feel a certain responsibility for providing women with maximum satisfaction. The number of orgasms that a man can provide for a woman thus becomes a performance indicator of the man’s sexual abilities. Premature ejaculation leads to frustration for many men and women.

This development has had positive effects in terms of the expansion of foreplay. Men “discover” alternative techniques, of an oral or nimble-fingered nature. Nevertheless, it’s hard for many of them to experience a simultaneous orgasm, since the “timing” can often present difficulties.

Who hasn’t experienced it: you’re in the middle of love-making, and you’re doing your best. You struggle not to get too close to your own orgasm, since you’d like to give her one was well. She slowly approaches her climax and cries out, “yes, harder!” or “don’t stop!” or “more, more, just like that!” You know that if you maintain the desired tempo, or even accelerate it, premature ejaculation is unavoidable.

On the other hand, you don’t want to slow down the tempo, and thereby interrupt her rhythm. For her, that’s like slamming on the brakes just before the finish line – and that’s equally unsatisfying.

Many advisers recommend that men think of something else (as un-erotic as possible), in order to restrain their own arousal and avoid a premature orgasm. But hey, let’s be honest: who, when engaged in the “most beautiful leisure activity in the world,” wants to think in a calculated fashion about something un-erotic?

Besides, it seems a lot like a struggle with one’s own body. Meanwhile, satisfaction– at least for the man – falls by the wayside.

What should you do? The solution to the problem is conceivably simple: “come” and keep on going! Now, you might be thinking: “Say what? By then my erection’s long gone! You can’t play pick-up-sticks with wet spaghetti noodles!”

The male multiple orgasm offers a way out of this situation. You’ll learn how to maintain your erection after orgasm, and go on to experience a new climax. This book should bring pleasure equally to both men and women. In buying this book, you’re showing your readiness to learn a new technique that, first and foremost, will benefit your partner. Perhaps, for that very same reason, you may have received it as a gift.

Once you’ve learned it, the ability to have multiple orgasms will relieve you of the burden of that “sword of Damocles” – the premature ejaculation. You’ll learn to have total control over your level of arousal and your erection. Your partner will profit from it – and besides that, it will increase the sense of intimacy through the length of time and the enjoyment that the two of you will now be able to enjoy, in an entirely new way.

Meanwhile, you’re surely asking yourself, impatiently, “How?” We’re just getting to that! But first we need to dispense with a couple of “old yarns,” and get rid of certain misunderstandings. More on that in the following chapter.

3. Sexual Myths

As I already mentioned in the introduction, I too was convinced that I was incapable of learning how to achieve multiple orgasms. But aside from this misunderstanding, I encountered, in my research, other sexual myths that I had previously taken at face value. A relevant saying, applicable not only to this topic, is: The head is round so the thoughts can change direction.

So, prepare yourself to learn something new in this chapter – something that, perhaps, will contradict your old convictions. Because the following knowledge is the foundation for the ability to have multiple orgasms, and to learn how to have them.

One further bit of wisdom that can be applied to this topic, as well as to many others, was expressed by Albert Einstein: “The problems we’re facing today cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that we had, when we created them.”

The problem, in our case, is limiting oneself to a single orgasm. So, we’ll do just as Albert suggests: we’ll discard our previous point of view, and be on the lookout for a better one. You won’t believe it, but I happen to have a couple of them up my sleeve.

Myth No. 1:
Orgasm = Ejaculation

The most important misunderstanding, in light of our topic, is the belief, still extremely widespread, that orgasm and ejaculation are one and the same. This is absolutely false! True, ejaculation usually does directly follow orgasm (by 0.5-2 seconds), but still, these are two completely independent experiences.

This distinction is so important because it makes multiple orgasms possible in the first place. But how did we arrive at this myth, which even sexual researchers long held to be true?

To answer this question, it is necessary to take a look at sexual development during youth.

Development During Puberty

Children treat their sexuality relatively spontaneously, until they learn from their parents and their society that “you can’t touch yourself there,” or “you can’t speak openly about something like that.” Some detect that the parents themselves are uncomfortable speaking about self-satisfaction, while others never even have the pleasure of talking to their parents about it even to a limited extent. The result is a feeling of insecurity, even fear. Especially when it comes to one’s first ejaculations.

Of course, most children have already experienced orgasms by exploring their own bodies. It is a yet-unknown feeling of pleasure that nothing can compare with. And it works so simply. And even after the first peak of excitement, it is possible to repeat the feeling of pleasure through further arousal.

The first ejaculation, on the other hand, is a shock for many children. Anyone who hasn’t already heard something about this natural bodily function reacts with a shameful bewilderment that borders on panicked fear. True, the feeling of joy upon reaching a climax remains the same, but the release of semen leads to many different things: on the one hand, the embarrassment that the stains can bring, and on the other, the difficulty of repeating the feeling of pleasure. Sperm that‘s spend brings the end.

Many men – who today are multi-orgasmic – tried even as youths to avoid ejaculation. With a bit of effort, they could enjoy the same climax as before, without having the ejaculation bring a premature end to their pleasure. These men learned the ability to have multiple orgasms on their own; for them, this is something that is completely natural.

But that’s the exception. Most children resign themselves to their “fate” and take it as a given that a single climax is sufficient.

Orgasm and Ejaculation

Orgasm itself is defined as a climax of emotional and physical reactions. The pulse rises briefly, and falls again following the orgasm. The pelvic muscle contracts. At the same time, the spectrum of feelings ranges from a warm prickling to a sense of becoming one with the universe.

Ejaculation, on the other hand, may be divided into three separate phases. In the first phase, the testicles rise and are brought into the position required for ejaculation. The prostate, vas deferens, and sphincter contract. This phase of ejaculation is also called the contraction phase. Through these and other contractions of the pelvic muscle, the sperm is, in the so-called expulsion phase, pressed through the vas deferens and shot out of the penis.

After the actual ejaculation, the so-called refraction phase sets in: an oversensitivity of the glans, a drop of blood engorgement, and, along with it, a loss of erection, a sinking of the testicles, as well as a feeling of relaxation that borders on lethargy.

This rather superficial account of what happens during orgasm and ejaculation should make clear that these are two independent events that may follow one another, but do not have to. I promised you from the start that I wouldn’t bore you with detailed medical descriptions. And what’s really important when it comes to learning how to achieve multiple orgasms isn’t any knowledge of anatomical details, but only the fact that orgasm and ejaculation aren’t the same thing. Ejaculation is a reflex that is triggered by orgasm. Controlling this reflex is the path to multiple orgasms.

You will learn techniques that will allow you to delay ejaculation and nevertheless experience an orgasm. The refraction phase connected with ejaculation is thereby avoided, and the erection continues to stand tall.

The sexual researchers Hartman and Fithian are of the following opinion concerning this misunderstanding: “We are convinced that the only thing preventing a man from experiencing multiple orgasms stems from a conviction resulting from his upbringing, and from his acceptance of the fixed idea that orgasm and ejaculation must always coincide for a man.”

Myth No. 2:
Only Women Can Have Multiple Orgasms

The second myth we must free ourselves from is the belief that only women can have multiple orgasms. You’ll soon learn that a woman’s orgasm is, generally speaking, very similar to a man’s. But first, a brief excursion into history.

Society’s Treatment of the Orgasm

About 100 years ago, women who had an orgasm were morally despised. Only prostitutes and other sexually questionable women were thought to have fun during sex. “Respectable” women regarded sex as a conjugal duty. If they enjoyed it, it wasn’t considered appropriate to show it.

As has already been mentioned in the “”