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The Self-Reflecting State

von: Timo Schmitz

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Verlag: Graf Berthold Verlag
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 31.07.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9783985945672
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 67

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"The Self-Reflecting State" shows a post-modern concept which treats human interaction in a state-like quality: We choose our friends in certain ways, as we want to be treated well by them and at the same time love them for who they are. But when we go to politics, we forget the community spirit and become the most egoist individualist people not thinking beyond ourselves. Why don't we do politics in the same way than we interact in communication with acquaintances? As a Buddhist Constructivist and Left thinker, Timo Schmitz analyses the society on different levels, such as morality, consciousness, culture, and ideal economy (within this view) and shows that our political views actually reveal ourselves and that any change therefore begins in us as individuals at first.
Timo Schmitz is a German-Luxembourgish language fanatic, philosopher, journalist, poet and book author. In 2012, he started to write his first poetry collection in English which was published in 2013 and the start of his professional career. Further poetry collections in different languages followed. He wrote poems in English, German, French, Luxembourgish, Russian, Chechen, Korean, Chinese, Flemish and Yiddish. In addition, he authored books on Buddhism, Daoism, Chechen history, and fictional literature (short stories and a novel).

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